Les Noix Du Périgord

Think Bordeaux, think vineyards. Imagine Provence and you picture olive groves. Well here in the Périgord it’s the walnut tree which takes pride of place, and has done for some 17,000 years. The residue of walnuts has been found in Cro-Magnon dwellings.

walnut tree

4 Walnuts in 1

We’re not talking Russian doll style walnuts here, with nuts of ever decreasing size neatly hidden inside each other. But there are 4 distinct AOC  (appéllation d’Origine Contrôlée) varieties of Périgord Walnut:

  • Corne – La Rustique
  • Marbot – La Traditionnelle
  • Grandjean – La Typique
  • Franquette – La Courtisée

Each variety offers slightly different characteristics. You can read more on the Noix Du Périgord website.

Walnut Season

Walnuts are generally harvested in the Périgord in the months of October and November. The ancient tradition of ‘Dénoisillage’ is still practised in some parts. This is where people will sit around a crackling fire, singing traditional songs or telling stories whilst cracking open the walnuts or sorting the ripe from the un-ripe.

Walnut Recipe Ideas

Walnut oil

A very simple idea is walnut infused oil, which is perfect for salads. Simply boil a handful of walnuts for 3 minutes, bake in the oven for 20 minutes or so and then crush. Add to some olive (or other) oil and leave the entire mixture together in a jar for a few weeks. Strain and enjoy!

Frosted Walnut Layer Cake

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy baking, you may wish to head over to the BBC website and have a look at Mary Berry’s frosted walnut layer cake.

Walnut Cake

Biscuits and Walnuts

The Biscuterie Artisanale Du Périgord in nearby Sarlat make some delicious walnut-based biscuits and cakes. They place a strong emphasis on local products and traditional methods, all of which helps create some very tasty treats!

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