Real Family Friendly Dordogne Holidays

Are we there yet? How many times have we sat in the car, listening to the kids in the back slowing chipping away at our patience? Well, at least on arrival in the Dordogne they will not be disappointed. This little part of what we like to think of as paradise is a veritable treasure trove, offering truly family friendly Dordogne holidays.

foret des singes


Child Friendly Activities In The Dordogne

We all know, from years of experience, that little people need entertainment, excitement, plenty of activities. Whether it be canoeing down the Dordogne River, mountain biking or climbing through trees on high wires, there are plenty of activities for little people here at our Holiday Barns.

Places To Visit In The Dordogne

It can wear you out all of this running around, so having a multitude of slightly calmer places to visit on your doorstep can help. Whether it be pre-historic caves, monkey sanctuaries or medieval castles, there are plenty of options for the intrepid young explorer.

Goufre de Padirac

Goufre de Padirac underground caves. Visit their facebook page.


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