Canoe Trips On The Dordogne

Say Dordogne to most people and chances are they instantly think of leisurely paddling downstream through dappled sunlight and surrounded by nature. Most guests here at Dordogne Holiday Barns come to canoe the Dordogne, or at least enjoy a few hours paddling about on this magical river.

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Canoe The Dordogne – Short Trips

Most people will enjoy anything from a few hours to an entire day on the river. An excellent way to travel and soak up the local environment, day trips generally vary from 9km (2hrs) to 25km (5-6hrs).

Probably the most popular day trip for people staying with us here is a 16km paddle from Carsac to Laroque-Gageac. You will spend roughly 3-4hrs on the water and take in the sights of Vitrac, Cénac and Domme as well as some spectacular cliffs.

Canoe The Dordogne – Overnight Trips

More adventurous souls are tempted by overnight canoe trips on the Dordogne. Tour operators can transport you and all the equipment you will require up stream as far as Argentat (over 125km away) and let you descend the river at your own pace.

There are plenty of riverside campsites en-route and booking is not necessary. You can simply land, pitch up and enjoy a night under the stars.

As a rule of thumb you will expect to cover about 20km in a day and so you can plan your trip accordingly. The CanoeVacances website is a good place to start researching and planning your trip.

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Canoe The Dordogne – Eye Witness

To get a true flavour of what the Dordogne can offer read this piece in the New York Times from Christopher Shaw. It gives nice insights into what’s on offer and some handy tips for those who have not ventured on the river before.

NYTimes Canoe Article


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